Friday, September 21, 2012

Eyewear Lust: The Temptations of the Workplace

Hello friends and happy Autumnal Equinox! That means Christmas isn't too far away (though not until after we celebrate the greatest goth holiday ever) and wishlists are growing. I myself have a glasses wishlist, so I thought this week would be a great time to post about the wonderfully tempting fashions that I'm surrounded by on a daily basis and at the same time, give some great examples of frames that would more than definitely appeal to goths and gothically inclined individuals.

This may perhaps be the first of many "Eyewear Lust" posts for the simple fact that I am continually finding great frame options. I may post a few stock images, but for the most part, I would like to model the frames just to give a better idea of the size and fit-- plus, it's fun!

 ECO 1079 by Modo Eyewear

The first frame on my Eyewear lust list is the fabulously funky ECO 1079 by Modo (my favorite brand!). This style didn't catch my attention all that much until my interview with the lovely Ms. Kaira.  She mentioned that her favorite style of glasses are winged glasses with gems. Although extreme wing shapes are quite rare, slightly less angular cat eye shapes are becoming increasingly accessible. I never considered myself much of a cat eye girl (despite cats being my spiritual totem animal) because when it comes to style, even within the realms of gothic fashions, I tend to gravitate more towards simple and toned down as opposed to wild and bold. Basically, it's easy to assume whether I'll be wearing basic black or zebra stripes to a shindig. Back to the frame, the bridge fit very comfortably on my nose (though remember, all noses are different, so it's always best to try for yourself). The look is elegant, but still a rather eccentric and wild-- shiny black plastic with really cool sparklies on the edges. Sometimes people change, so I actually would consider buying this frame, but unfortunately, because my prescription is so high (approximately -6.75), I'm afraid my eyes would look super tiny behind such a wide lens; not to mention, the weight of the lens would more than likely become uncomfortable after a few hours. 

The quirkiness of this frame kind of reminds me of something Penelope from Criminal Minds would wear.

Looking adorable as always <3

As you can see from this online site, it comes in a few other colors, but you all can probably guess what my color preference is. ;)

Anne Klein 8102 by Marchon Eyewear

Let's call this one the more conservative little sister of Eco 1079-- she has all the catty attitude of big sis, but she's more demure and less flashy. I like this one quite a bit actually, despite the rather plain metal temples, for the simple fact that it would go much better with my prescription.. and I suppose also because it would go well with all occasions, even those super serious occasions where we simply could not take her big sister for fear she would ruin the gathering with her boisterous tone of conversation and excessive drinking. Fret not, 1079, you're still the one we'd invite to a rave! Much like the 1079, the Anne Klein 8102 is a very comfortable bridge fit and I think fits my face rather nicely. Also like 1079, AK 8102 comes in a variety of colors.

ECO1087 by Modo Eyewear

I had to give this all time favorite another shout out. Look familiar? It should- I have this frame with my prescription in a beautiful candy red color, but this basic black color is oh so tempting!! I've gotten lots of compliments from strangers on my red frame. You must admit, it is definitely a head-turner and extremely unique. The first time I saw it, a bit over a year ago, I immediately fell in love because the cut of it reminded me of barbed wire from a distance. The nose pieces are extremely comfortable, though I have replaced them with softer generic ones for ultimate comfort. I was also pleasantly surprised how nicely my RX fit into the semi-rimless style (using a very high-index lens material for minimum lens thickness); this lens shape and size is excellent for us moderately nearsighted goths! It also makes the minimization that occurs with high minus prescriptions less noticeable since there's nothing along the bottom to make your eyes look, as my coworker cleverly said, "boxed in."

Rosana by Candies Eyewear

This one is a nice, simple style great for any occasion. This one is probably a distant cousin to my beloved Rihanna frame by the same brand. Comfortable bridge fit, but to be honest, this size was a little tight on my head. Nothing adjusting couldn't fix a little, but I'd rather not customize products that aren't actually mine. :p
Rihanna in black and purple
Rosana in clear and black

Actually, this shows a great example of a bad frame fit. This style runs small, as you can see by the indentations in the side of my head. Very nice option for a petite goth girl, however.The tiny flower designs in the side make it fun and flirty (one of the reasons I love the same style in my Rihanna frame).

Taka 2655 by Hart

In addition to being *very* cost effective (one of our least expensive brands) this little gem is also rather unisex. The metal frame is rather comfortable, though I'm not crazy about the harsh angular shape- I think it may actually look fantastic on a male model. Taka 2655 would be great for higher prescriptions such as my own with both its size and the thick metal eyewire, ideal in hiding the edge thickness of the lens. We have black with red in stock at our clinic, however, I did discover it also comes in purple. Unfortunately, I have reason to believe this model is discontinued. It's not impossible to find it, but it's not very easy. I haven't even found a site that showcases the black with red version.

Versace 4192 by Luxottica

I'm not really a fan of the gigantic sunglasses that are popular right now, to be 100% honest. They're a little too retro for my tastes; if anything, I prefer the smaller Matrix-style shades. In this case, though, I do make an exception! This is a very comfortable style, and you can't argue that it won't give good coverage on sunny days.  I don't care much for labels.. and fortunately, rather than writing their name, Versace has opted to use a different mark on their sun glasses.

A Medusa head! How very Gawth! ^.^
Needless to say, the beautiful purple and black pattern was was truly drew me to these shades.

I haven't decided if I'm going to splurge and get these some day, but I do rather like how they look. However, I want to keep in mind that the giant glasses are just a fad rather than a classic look, and in a few years they may look silly, despite the striking pattern on the temple and insides.

I guess the size is a little endearing. Makes me think of something the gentlemen of Depeche Mode wore. Very gawth indeed!

And there you have it, my lovelies! These are but a few of the great styles to which I am constantly exposed. I'll be sure to post more treasures as I find them. Thanks for reading, and as always, if you have a certain frame style in mind you'd like me to hunt down, don't hesitate to leave a request in the comments.

Sea, the Gothic Optician, A.B.O.C.

Ps. Yes, I am wearing green scrubs today. I typically wear these on payday, but they're very comfortable, so I wore them today. Still very 'goth' when matched with the right accessories. :p

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