Saturday, August 17, 2013

Makeup Review

Confession time, guys and ghouls. Even though I do identify as a goth, and wear the typical gothly dark and brooding makeup, I'm not actually obsessed with makeup. I can't tell the difference between Mac Cosmetics and Lancoome. I don't spend $30 on mascara. I basically see what I like, see what looks good, and get it- if it's on sale, even better. Friends all the time send me links to makeup tutorials, or websites that sell makeup, which is very kind, and I do enjoy looking at pretty things, but I'm no make up expert, nor am I an aspiring makeup artist. I just do what works for me.
However, there are a few items that strike a note with me and instantly become very treasured. My foundation of choice, for instance, is a staple- every time I run low I MUST order some more.
Today I'm going to review some products, because I know there are probably others out there who care more about what's easy and affordable rather than about what's been endorsed by Dita Von Teese.
She *is* lovely though, isn't she? You're welcome.

So I'll answer the question I'm frequently asked- my foundation of choice is Mary Kay Ivory 100. It's the only foundation I've found that actually matches my butter cream skin tone- it doesn't make me look too yellow or too pink like most foundations. It also isn't greasy, nor is it watery. Best of all, just seconds after being applied, it turns into a silky powder. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the Mary Kay corporation *cough* pyramid scheme rooted in strict gender norms *cough* in and of itself. The price, which is $15 (plus shipping if you don't know a rep), is a bit steep, however, it's easy to find on eBay for under $10. This is probably the most I spend on any one cosmetic, and it lasts me for months.

Lip Gloss
I love lip gloss, and I love the look of black lip stick. Up until last October, I never knew a perfect combination of the two existed. A good friend slipped me a tube of Rimmel's 'Stay Glossy' lip gloss. I couldn't believe my luck! It's smooth and glossy, and can be layered according to how dark you want it. For work I just do a thin coat that I'd call "wine," however on my own time, I do enjoy wearing it a little thicker as a "liquorice" color. It has decent staying power, though I don't believe the "UP TO SIX HOURS" on the label.


Nail Polish
A must for every goth- black nail polish. I know I said I don't pay attention to brands, but one brand that I do really like is Sally Hansen. I've known this brand was another word for "good stuff" since I was 12. My polish of choice is Hard as Nails: XTreme Wear nail color. Now, it does take a beating, and it's typically all chipped by the end of the week; however, in my profession, I'm always dinging my nails will opticianry tools, or getting acetone spilled on my hands. This polish has more staying power than all the other brands. It also has a long shelf life. Most polishes get gunky and gooey in just a month. I don't even remember when I bought this polish, but I'm thinking it was sometime in 2012.


I do often keep my eyes peeled for just the right shade of red lipstick. Nothing too bright, nothing too orange. Nothing too brown, but not too pink either. I like wine colors, deep, not like ruby, but like garnet. Eye catching but subtle. Fortunately, the cheapo NYC color brand, found at Walmart, does the job well. I always grab up New York Color Mahogany 320 whenever I see it. The only downside is that it does like to clump and needs to be smoothed on, but its worth it for the amount of compliments I receive from menfolk and ladies alike. 

Safe For Work version..

.....and topless!

Once upon a time, there lived a ghastly maiden who was on the quest for red eyeshadow. She made her way through the caverns of cyberspace to find an online shop called Chaos Cosmetics. Their "Burlesque" eyeshadow is superb. All of their eyeshadows are around the $6.50 mark, and the little container lasts forever! It's a very loose powder, but it goes on thick and has a metallic sheen to it. The staying power is incredible- lasts me all day. I especially liked the personal touch and free samples my purchase came with. I hope to try out some more of their colors in the near future.

 In Closing...

As I emphasized several times, brands mean nothing to me. I've experimented with pricey cosmetics in the past that were complete and utter crap, and in turn, some of the best products I've ever used have come from the clearance bin at Dollar Tree. I'm no makeup expert, I'm no Michelle Phan (though I will sit and watch her tutorials in awe). I'm just your typical goth girl who likes to put gunk on her face.

On that note, I leave you with some Michelle Phan tutorials. 

Tim Burton Inspired Look

Seductive Vampire Look

Be safe, be blessed,

Sea, the Gothic Optician, A.B.O.C.


  1. I really enjoy how you do your makeup! Your skin tone is just gorgeous.

    1. Thank you most kindly. :)

      I try to keep it simple for the most part.

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