Sunday, May 5, 2013

Jeepers Creepers: Random Online Eyeball Finds

Happy Sunday, Spectacled Gothlings,

First and foremost, I would like to highly recommend seeing the latest Iron Man flick. I try not to stray from topics pertaining to either Gothic Culture or Glasses, but I absolutely loved it. Now back to your regularly scheduled blog post....

One of my favorite hobbies (and perhaps worst habits) is online window shopping. A coworker of mine finds it "fact finding," in which one browses random items online, hopping from one cyber boutique to another. In one of my many fact finding excursions, I picked up a few souviniers. I've eyeballs, eyeballs, eyeballs! Eyeballs for everyone! YOU GET A NEW EYEBALL! AND YOU GET A NEW EYEBALL! AND YOU! YOU ALL GET NEW EYEBALLS!... well, not quite. But I have found many varieties of everyone's favorite sensory organ.

Ladies First
Have a special gal in your life that you want to show that you only have eyes for her? Maybe you want to tell her she's the apple of your eye, or that you see a future with her? Okay, I'm going to stop with the puns now.

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The first neat little eyeball item hails from one of my favorite sites- Etsy! These lovely gothic rings have a nice steampunk feel to them, come in a variety of colors, and are only $7 a piece.

The second piece of jewelry is slightly more expensive ($99.95 plus shipping) and slightly more complicated. These rings can be found on the ever eclectic, eccentric, and exceptional store, The Pyramid Collection. Again, another great steampunk accent to any fancy garb.
The next bejeweled beauty is from the online superstore This one is eerily realistic and unisex. The claw detail gives it a nice creepy look (since, you know, there's really nothing creepy about wearing an eyeball upon one's finger) and at $40, the price is rather reasonable.

I found another fab ring on Etsty, very realistic in a pretty hazel color, and a very simplistic design that would compliment any outfit; a steal at $30.

Now perhaps your lovely lady friend doesn't fancy rings. Let's follow the path of Gomez's mustache and venture up the wrist a little and continue our fact finding adventure to bracelets.

For just $7 you can drape your beloved's wrist with a watchful eye-- make that several watchful eyes! Again, another Etsty treasure.

Perhaps gold is more her color? For around the same price, you can get a similar bracelet from Amazon.

For around $50, you can also gift a more sporty and unisex look, also from Amazon.

Further up the radius and ulna, past the humorous, only to linger for just a moment on the ever graceful clavical we come to another blank canvas, ready for adornment, the pedestal to one's cranium, that yearns for, longs for, beacons.. a necklace.

These lovelies, again, found on Etsy, would be the perfect match to the first rings I mentioned and again, have that old timey steampunk, or even pirate vibe. $135, but a striking piece of jewelry.

A more economical alternative can also be found on Etsty, this one for a mere $6, in a similar bronze and frilly design.

Again, I know many of you like to keep things simple and versatile. This nice silver necklace I found on Amazon can be yours for just $14.

The last of the eyeball necklaces is just darling, perhaps my favorite of these. It'd make a great finishing touch to a gothic lolita outfit, or maybe something more bewitching. This little jar of eyeballs from Etsty can be yours for a bit less than $17.


Have a clumsy friend? Perhaps you are that clumsy friend? For all those owies, booboo, hurties, and mishaps, may I present to you this lovely box of bandages, $7 from Amazon.
 For the Goth on the Go
 Got a big weekend ahead at Whitby or maybe a Gothic Cruise, or even Bats Day festivies? Nowhere to put your ghastly goods? Fret not, for The Gothic Optician has you covered!

This little bag would make the perfect lunch box to keep your delicacies fresh, or even just to put non-edibles, whatever your prerogative may be. Just $17 from, complete with a little Snellen Chart.

 For $63, Amazon offers a bag slightly more flashy (but much less insulated) that actually blinks!.... well, kind of, anyway.

Now seems a good time to wrap things up, as I'm starting to get eyestrain- no joke. Until next time, I shall remain on the prowl for more unique and gothy eyeball things.

Stay safe and have a great week,
Sea, the Gothic Optician, A.B.O.C.

PS. I'll soon be doing another Goth in Glasses post featuring an interview with someone who's been a great inspiration to me when it comes to picking out fashion that's professional yet still unmistakably gothic.
 *dance of excitement*

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