Saturday, March 23, 2013

Good to be back!

A very happy Saturday and a good morning to my dark and dreadful followers!

After a long hiatus with a lot of ideas on new topics, I'm back. =)

What have I been up to, you may ask? Mostly redecorating my apartment, buying a new and fancy bed, and work, work, work- which isn't all bad, since it gives me new inspiration for this very blog.

 I found a funky and fantastic frame a while back that's somewhat growing on me. This model, Just Cavalli's JC0458, is surprisingly compatible with moderately high myopic (very, very nearsighted) prescriptions, such as my own -7.00 script, if done in a high index material. If done in a 1.67 index (be sure to request it from your optician), it will still be relatively thin and light, despite the big "geek chic" style frame.

Not the *best* picture, but you get the idea.
Of course, as with my Eco frame, I still have to make the uber-tough decision of black vs. red. Thoughts?

 And while we're on the topic of readers' thoughts, I'm considering making a Facebook page for The Gothic Optician, just to interact with you all better since I know a few of you don't have a blogger account. What do you guys and ghouls think?

 So, what have I got in the works for my blog so far? I'm considering sharing with you all my personal sketches of glasses designs.. who knows, maybe some frame company will see them and start making them. I don't care about compensation, I just want to see cool glasses out on the market! XD  I also have a few more Featured Goth in Glasses in the works, along with more frame reviews, more neat eye-related topics, and maybe a bit of DIY thrown in there, too! And let's not forget the good ol' gawth stuff. Yay, gawth stuff!

On that note, I will leave you with images of some beautiful hearses.

Have a great and safe week, Darklings!
Sea, the Gothic Optician, A.B.O.C.


  1. I would love frame reviews, esp. if it included where or how to buy them! I love my cat eye frames but I really need an update (& um bifocals, ug), but the local optometrists don't carry much that I like right now. And I'd love to see your designs too :)

  2. Have to say, to red frames are really cute.
    Maybe because they stand out.
    And that last hearse looks fancy.